I’m watching an episode of “My Crazy Sex”, and one of the segments will give me nightmares about living in a community with a HOA. I hate them with a passion and will never want to live in one again.

This woman portrayed in this episode is on a far bigger power trip that I encountered but it might cause me to lose some sleep remembering some of the horrible situations that I had to deal with in the past.

I still want to kick the management company’s owner/manager in the balls.  Had a chance about a year ago to pass him on the road and and let him eat the ass end of my car, but I wasn’t alone and figured the past association would make it harder to believe that it was an accident. 

After watching more of this segment and this woman being in charge of the community and “game night” which is adult themed makes me sick imagining this guy answering the door like she just did with a ball gag in his mouth. Now that would be scary but yet funny. I’d still kick him in the balls. 

Note to self be sure to delete this if the opportunity presents itself again. Oh and for the record this is a show that is better suited for HBO/Showtime/Cinemax where they actually have nudity. 


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