This is one of those Déjà vu moments. I caught the last half or so of the movie “Trouble With The Curve”, and I could have sworn I added a little snippet about it here before. I searched. I didn’t. I searched my folder of word files.  Nothing. 

I did edit the movie poster shown above some time ago, so maybe I wrote something up and didn’t click that little save button.  Oh well.

I like sports movies. I like Clint Eastwood. This one had a setting of mostly “North Carolina”, but it was actually filmed in Georgia. Eastwood is an old school baseball scout that is sent out to look at the newest hot dog high school kid. He’s having some health issues and his daughter Amy Adams, takes some time away from her job to go on the road with him.  In the end they don’t take his advice and they draft the kid, but they get a pleasent surprise as his daughter uncovers a hidden gem.  Justin Timberlake is also in and plays a retired too soon ball player that is trying to make a name for himself and is a guy that has a past relationship with Eastwood. 

It’s a cute little baseball story. Clint has a few “get off my lawn” and “grumpy old man” moments.


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