I watched a pretty(searching for a word), unique could work but isn’t perfect, movie this morning. 

It was titled “Unfriended”, I had never heard of it before. It was an interesting movie to say the least. It had a bit of a “Blair Witch Project” feel to it with all the webcam footage, even though there wasn’t the first hint of any woods. It might even be better to watch this movie on a laptop, or a desktop as opposed to a tv just to give it a more authentic vibe. 

The premise was based on a group of high school kids that helped bully a girl into killing herself and the girl’s “spirit” or “ghost” returns hacking their computers, social media and skype, forcing them one by one to atone for their actions while unveiling secrets that the group of friends have. 

It was a low-budget film(I’m not saying that as an insult), which likely turned a very nice profit.  The numbers geek in me got the best of me. 

So yeah a very nice return 


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