Last night was the
finale for the seventh season of “Shameless”. I mentioned last week that
episode 11 felt a lot like a season finale, which in a way made  episode 12 feel like a series
finale, which makes perfect sense, since it was only recently and thankfully renewed
for an eighth season.

If it had been a
series finale, while I would have missed the show, I would have been satisfied
with the ending. A lot of story lines were tied up. There are a few left out there for the future, but that always happens.

I can’t say I’ve
ever experienced a show where there has been so much character growth from most
of the cast and at this point it seems somewhat safe to say that each of the
kids are headed in the right direction. Frank will continue to “Frank”, he’ll
do that until his final breath. Over the seasons, it’s easy to see that he’s
intelligent, and even more so resourceful, but it’s also easy to see that he’s a “fuck up”. Last night, you
saw some insight into his past that he was in college when he met Monica, interning at a
State Farm Insurance agency (which explains the fake ad I created last

You could easily make
a whole other show, a prequel, about that time and how things went wrong for
him and how his life basically exploded into the mess that it is. I’d watch it.
Of course, I’d watch a prequel from the 60’s/70′s based on Corrado and Johnny Boy
Soprano running wild.

Something broke
Frank, it would be an interesting story to tell.


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