Fiction: Bull The Pug Bone #10

Bull The Pug

Bone #10

December 2nd is always a cherished day
in the household of Bull and Miss Tweety. It’s the day they brought home their three
little bundles of fat and joy. It was the also the start of a new tradition of
putting up the family Christmas Tree. They go with one of the smaller versions
that is around three and a half feet tall. Just enough for Bull and Miss Tweety
to use a step stool to get it looking right.

The boys are marveled by the blinking lights and
they have a bad habit of trying to eat the crocheted versions of gingerbread
men and candy canes. They are so disappointed when there is no taste to them.

Miss Tweety surprised them with some real
gingerbread cookies and some egg nog. They jumped at the chance, Bull included,
but he pulled a flask out of his back pocket to make his an “adult doggie”

They finished putting the ornaments on the tree
and Bull ran off down the hall to the bedroom and came back with a wagon full
of presents to put under the tree. Of course, at this point the little boys
were checking names and shaking the ones with their names on it trying to
figure out is in them. Porkchop said “This is either a fruit cake or a brick”,
even with him being a little fat boy he wasn’t a fan of fruit cake. Darrel and
Darryl also had similar packages and the each were stumped on what was inside.

Bull grabbed the remote and pawed at some buttons
which eventually turned on some Christmas music. He and Miss Tweety sat on the
couch and watched their little chipmunks sing along with Alvin, Simon and
Theodore. Bull whispered into Miss Tweety’s ear and she smiled and said, yes
that would make a great Halloween costume next year.

Till next time (maybe it won’t be 4-5 months this


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