Stray thoughts: 12/1/16

I could have sworn
that I wrote a post that was about the Amazon Prime show “Red Oaks” after I
watched season 1. I saw a tiny little snippet that incorrectly attributed that
to Netflix, but that is all that I could find. Oh well, maybe I wrote it up and
the “Forget to save Fairy” came along and swiped it.

Over the past few
, (This was written over a week ago), I’ve watched season 2 and
I still like it. The show is set in a mid-80’s Country Club setting. Paul Riser
is likely the biggest name tied to it and from what I recall he had a larger
presence in season 2 than he did in season 1. Most of the story lines involve
younger characters that work in and around the club, with some interaction with

There is a cute old
man that in season 2 and maybe season 1 that simply sits at a bar and orders
various drinks from a new bartender. The guy that was Hank Moody’s ill-fitting
bastard love child from “Californication” plays the bartender and after about
8-10 attempts finally gets a drink for the old guy right.

I grew near a
country club/golf course/swimming pool, but this one seems far more formal.
This one has more of a Caddyshack feel to it, and that’s one of things I
thought I wrote before about, that it reminded me of Caddyshack, but based on
more of the tennis side of things as opposed to Caddyshack’s based on the game
of golf. This place also seems a bit larger, bigger staff, etc. This one is
based in a NY/NJ suburb not too far from Manhattan.

Growing up, I really
only used the swimming pool, and would play an occasional round of gold, and
then there was a 2-3 week span on the club tennis team at the end of a summer.
I do miss the club sandwich that they made. It’s also where I got my first
taste of poker. We weren’t allowed to play in the club house, but they didn’t
mind down in the basement locker-room. I remember some old guy saying, “Kid you
got balls”, when I folded with a three of a kind, just to throw them off so
they couldn’t read anything(it would have lost anyway). During the fall, you could always find some parlay
football cards to play. Similar to one of these. 


The “syndicate” must have had
a guy close by.

The life guards were
hit or miss. The two I remember most was a guy named Mike, who was a dick, and
then there was Missy. Missy sweet. There were others, the girls always better
than the guys(just my perspective).

Later on, there was
more night time hijinks, parties and night golf. My 10th high school
reunion was held there. I wrecked my dad’s van at the entrance once (knocked
the sign down). It was snowy/icy and a deer in the middle of the road, I hit
the brakes and slid up onto an embankment. How that damn thing didn’t flip over
when I was pulling off of it I’ll never know. Maybe an angel was watching over

Good times. Good


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