Stray Thoughts: 11/11/2016

I hate politics. I’ll get that out of the way right off the bat, but over the years, it seems that the best speech, a “losing” candidate makes is their concession speech. It’s usually the most passionate, and more times than not, it’s the speech that could have turned those that were on the fence for any given candidate. 

I recall a friend saying had Al Gore delivered the passion or fight that he showed after the election maybe he would have “officially” won. I can see those merits. His political back was against the wall and he came off different. I’d still love to hear W’s. actual response to his inner circle when Gore called that 2nd time rescinding his concession, I’m sure that’s was far better than any Will Ferrell SNL skit. It had to be comedy gold even if it didn’t include the word “strategery”

If I were to ever advise a candidate, and I won’t, the first thing I would tell them upon announcing they are running for x, y, or z, would be to in the very least start a concession speech. Add bullet points as the campaign goes on. Then deliver it at points in time and start another one. Pretend you just got your ass kicked and deliver the passion that you have for whatever job you are seeking. It might actually help then as opposed to after the fact.


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