Stray Thoughts: 11/5/2016

Speaking of the movie “Wedding Crashers”, it takes me back to a time that I got into an argument with an ex-girlfriend over this movie, one of a couple of movies that would put her a funk and take it out on me.

In this particular movie, or maybe it’s in the unrated version, there is a sequence where it shows the characters portrayed by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson bedding various women during weddings. In the movie this sequence was showcased by topless women falling back on the bed.

Sample shown here:

I don’t recall every single aspect of the argument. I have tried to suppress a lot of that time period, but she was getting mad at me because two fictional characters were sleeping with multiple partners. 

I will say this. This one was tame compared to the bru-ha-ha we had over Matthew McConaughey’s “Ghosts of Girlfriends past”. On a side note, if this were an actual movie, the background music at this point in time would be Cypress HIll’s “Insane in the Brain”.


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