Stray Thoughts: 10/11/2016

I was never diagnosed with ADD, ADHD,  STU or PID for that matter, but I swear I’ve been splashed with it. I had the show “The Ranch” on earlier and while they have some music that comes through loud and clear, they have other songs that are so soft and barely heard over the voice and the laugh track. 

Well, I couldn’t place it and it was driving me batty.  I rewound it and started over, and I’d google what I thought I was hearing. Not a lot of help. After 10 minutes or so of this I was able to place the song. Now I’m simply not 100% sure who was singing it. It was likely Kasey Musgraves, but the song was “Wayfaring Stranger”. It was about to start bothering me.

When I get something like that on my mind, or on the tip of my tongue and can’t place it, it is hard for me to let it go, which is why I felt like I have a touch of ADD, or ADHD. 


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