Last night I finished “The Fifth Witness”, a Michael Connelly book based on Defense Attorney Mickey Haller. I enjoyed it, it was a smooth read, up until the end. This is the 2nd Connelly book in a row where I thought the end was a bit lacking. 

Yes, in the end it tied some things up, but it was just a little light, a little lacking of depth and the details that are in the majority of his stories. The depth and details that were in the majority of this story.  When I first started reading John Sandford, I didn’t like early on how it seemed he hopped around, there wasn’t a transition, but maybe I got used to it and didn’t notice it as much, and maybe he simply stopped hopping around as much. 

It almost seems like he’s got 95% of the story done, and the publisher is demanding it by 3pm  it’s 2:33pm, so he simply types out a couple of paragraphs and ends it instead of giving it two more chapters.  Maybe it’s just me. 

The next book from Connelly is “The Drop”, I’m not sure how quickly I’ll dig in to it. I need to finish the make believe book that Hank Moody wrote on “Californication”. 


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