After a slow start to the year from a reading perspective, I just finished my 26th book. I figured 26 books would be one every two weeks, which would be a decent goal.   It was actually my 27th book, but I just noticed that the “goal” was complete. 

Wow, it really doesn’t seem like that long ago when I was talking about pouring through Cameron Crowe’s “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”, but I guess it has. 

The book I finished was “Extreme Prey”, John Sandford’s most recent dive into the world of Lucas Davenport. I liked it, in a way it was bumping into an old friend. Some of his cast of characters made small appearances, so I guess that was like getting updates on the old friend’s family.  I put off reading it quite a bit, because I knew when I finished there wasn’t anything else to read on the subject. Well, until a new one is published. Sandford has a Virgil Flowers novel coming out in October, so I might jump on it, and I might put it off as well. 

I think I’ll whittle this list of current books down before adding anything brand new to it.


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