Stray Thoughts: 9/9/2016

The last couple of nights, I’ve continued to have
some strange dreams but unfortunately I haven’t been able to piece much of them
together. The night after I watched “Straight Out of Compton”, the only thing I
recall was being a passenger in a mini-van in say Uptown Charlotte and the
vehicle being pulled over and each of us, 5 or 6 of us being ordered to lay
down on the sidewalk like the guys in the movie did on more than one occasion.  A cop asked a friend what his name was, and
his response was “you are treating me like Dr. Dre or Ice Cube so just put one
of those down”.  

So it’s quite clear where that dream came from.
It was tied in directly to watching the movie before falling asleep.

The night I watched “American Pie 2”, I didn’t
recall having any dreams about a Spring Break, a summer at a lake house, a high
school or college party, or even Stiffler’s mom, so dreams don’t always mirror
or mimic what I watched prior to falling asleep. If they did, I guess last
night I would have dreamt about playing football (having watched the Broncos
and Panthers) or smoking grass or getting into trouble with Hyde, Kelso and the
rest of the kids from “That 70’s Show”, since that is what I had on when I
faded off to sleep.

I had a couple of dreams last night, one is
mostly scattered in the depths of my mind, but the one I do recall some of, had
me unloading a flatbed trailer full of bales of hay and stacking them in a
barn. Just me by myself until a neighbor walked by wearing a pair of short
shorts and red-checkered (table cloth looking) shirt. This is where dreams and
memories can collide, because I have unloaded hay like that before during the
summer while visiting family and earning some spending money by helping a
cousin’s neighbor/friend with that task, though I don’t recall any sweet, sexy
farmer’s daughter.

With that said, I also have a very vivid memory
of a neighbor walking by my house wearing the exact outfit and that is exactly
who was walking by the farm/barn.  That’s
the point I woke up. So maybe she’ll pay another visit sometime.


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