Stray Thoughts: 9/4/2016

I had another strange dream last night and so
far, I can’t piece a lot of it together. It had shades of “Hostel”, but not in
the same setting. By shades of “Hostel”, I mean people seemed to be being held
against their will. I wouldn’t call the house a mansion, but it was a fairy
large house, with a huge living room, but there was not much room to roam.
Every now and then you’d make eye contact with someone and they either had the “what
are we going to do”, or “can you help me” expression on their face like you
were a hostage in the middle of a bank robbery.

There were mostly women in the room, a few men
and a few kids. Everyone was wearing what looked like white “scrubs”. There
wasn’t much talking or communicating going on and every now and then a naked
person would walk through the room, from one door to another. Sometimes it was
a woman, sometimes it was a man. They would walk straight forward, faster than
normal a bit like they were brainwashed.

It was like I woke up in the middle of the room,
and I was trying to get my wits about me trying to figure out what was going on
and what to do. Nobody really looked harmed, or in danger, they just had a look
of fear about them. Almost like a group of people at an airport during bad
weather and fearing their flight being cancelled.

It was odd. Maybe it will come back to me one of
these nights as some seem to do. Time will tell.


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