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Television Stations

HBO/Showtime vs. FX,TNT, AMC, vs. CBS,FOX,ABC,NBC

I’ve often  joked with a friend that every television show would be better on HBO/Showtime than whatever station they are on. To me it is about the lack of limitations that HBO/Showtime offer.

If you look shows on the middle tier channels suck as FX, TNT or AMC, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, would all be better shows if they were on HBO. The language could/would/should be more accurate, the ladies of Mad Men, should be allowed to parade around with fewer clothes. Who wouldn’t mind seeing Mrs. Draper’s nipples(either one).

When you look at drama’s such as NCIS, or Criminal Minds, they in my opinion would be even better on HBO or Showtime Gibbs would be exponentially more of a bad ass if he were on HBO instead of CBS.  Take a cookie cutter sitcom like Two & a Half Men, watching Allen unload with some salty language when he becomes frustrated about his most recent failure would be better than the sugar-coating that is presently in place.

Obviously a segment of the population would be against this type of behavior, whether it was from a nudity, violence or language perspective, but they do have Lifetime, ABC Family and Nickoledean for a reason.

A couple of years ago I was watching a streaming feed of Monday Night Football, this was when they had the 3 man crew of Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and former NFL Head Coach, Jon Gruden. When the normal feed would go to a commercial, this feed would showcase a view of the stadium from the blimp, and more times than not would leave the microphones hot during these breaks. You could hear Tirico asking for a bottle water, or Jaworski asking Gruden what he thought of a game from the previous day, or one of the previous plays.  It was unfiltered. It was raw. It was great. Before one of the breaks, there was a play that occurred where the infamous “Tuck rule”, could come into question. This involves a play that years ago gave the Patriots a 2nd chance, took a victory away from the Raiders, coached at that point by Gruden, and was a highly questionable call.

So on this break, Jaworski pops off, hey Jon what do you think about this upcoming look at the Tuck rule.

I’m paraphrasing because I wasn’t taking notes, and don’t have it recorded.

You’ve got to be shitting me Ronnie, you want to ask me about the fucking tuck rule. Fuck the         rule. Tom Brady fumbled, just like this guy fumbled, and there isn’t one thing you can say to  change my mind about it. Tuck rule. Tuck rule my ass! Tirico pipes in and says something goofy like you two boys behave and you know Gruden had that snarky scowl in full frown.

The commercial break ends, and PG Gruden has to return, and one of the others asks him about the play. He was all politically correct saying he disagreed with the ruling, disagreed with the interpretation of the rule back from that Raiders/Patriots game and that is the nicest thing he can say about it. He says that is a fumble, but who knows how they will rule. 

So even an unfiltered Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football would be far better, far more entertaining and far more real they sugarcoated version we get each Fall Monday night. If the broadcast were on HBO or Showtime then he could be a bit more real, and call a spade, a spade, and be more accurate than the false/fake looking actor he portrays each Monday.

I believe that Modern Family would be better on FX, than it is on Network Tv. Can’t argue with seeing a shot of Sarah Hyland’s perky boobies.  I believe, The Shield would have been far better on HBO than it was on FX.  I do like how TNT handles the show Southland. They let the people say what they likely would in those situations. Stop, put your fucking hands up. They just beep out the word fucking. More times than not you have an idea of what they said, or most likely said, and it is far more real feeling than not having the language at all.

Yes this is a bit of a rant, but it’s just how I feel. Can you imagine The Sopranos, True Blood, or Shameless on CBS? Yeah it would be horrible.


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