I lied, I said the next book was “Rum Punch”, but I changed my mind. I took it off the list since it’s a 2nd part of a series.  

I  just finished the audio book version of “The Moonshine War”, by Elmore Leonard, a story set in the Prohibition era of the 1930′s, in the Hills of Kentucky. It was turned into a movie in 1970 starring a 34 year old Alan Alda (will have to see if I can find a copy to watch) as Son Martin, who in the novel is the son of and an active moonshiner, who has 150 burried/hidden barrels (4500 gallons) of his daddy’s best moonshine which was  priced at $5.00 a gallon in the book, that an old Army buddy turned “revenuer man” is after. 

After watching the show “Moonshiners”, a lot of the technical “moon-shining” techniques made a lot more sense to me than if I had consumed this book say 3 or 6 months ago. 

The next book is another Elmore Leonard venture titled “Mr. Paradise”. Will get to “Rum Punch”, the novel turned into “Jackie Brown”, later. 

Current list(some of these have been on there forever).

If it weren’t for “audio books”, there is no way this is close to being reached.


Psychopaths… people who know the differences between right and wrong, but don’t give a shit. That’s what most of my characters are like.

Elmore Leonard

I finished listening to “When The Women Come Out To Dance”, by Elmore Leonard, which is a collection of some of hist short stories. All, but “Fire In The Hole” were new to me and even though the  topics reached far and wide, it was a pretty good collection of colorful stories. 

Next up, another Elmore Leonard audio book “Rum Punch”. 

Making a forced effort to knock out two audio books over the last days of 2017.

20 years ago today, the world lost Chris Farley, a funny, funny man. It was sad then and it is sad now, as I sit here and wonder what laughs were missed. 

You can go to IMDB.com and just look at the list of movies that his friends and contemporaries like David Spade,  Adam Sandler, Chris Rock,  Will Ferrell, Norm MacDonald and Rob Schneider  have made since then and picture him in parts of various sizes in most of them. Chuck & Larry would have been exponentially funnier. You can easily picture him in “Joe Dirt”, or with all the guys in “The Longest Yard” The rumored “Ghostbusters” revival with Rock, Sandler and Ben Stiller would have been outstanding and I can’t help but think he and Danny Aykroyd would have slayed it in “Blues Brothers 2000″. His planned “Matt Foley” movie with Spade would have been epic, and I’m sure other movies were ditched all together, but it is easy to picture him in some that were made. 

“Grown Ups” was written in the 90′s with him in mind, and no offense to Kevin James, but he’s not Chris Freaking Farley. Maybe a cameo on “Entourage”, or a member of Sandler’s band or possibly a  rival in “The Wedding Singer’. Hell, I would have loved to have watched him as a fat redneck Nascar Driver opposing Ferrell’s ‘Ricky Bobby’ in “Talladega Nights” that would easily beat Sacha Baron Cohen’s portrayal of a “Frenchman”. He ruined that movie. Tommy Boy 2? Coneheads 2?

Spot appearances on SNL as Rob Ford, the portly Toronto Mayor, maybe even Trump. Could see him as an annoying reporter on “Just Shoot Me”, or as a sex therapist treating Spade in “Rules of Engagement”. So many laughs that will never be had. All of the others that he and that crew would have developed on their own. 

This is just speaking selfishly as a fan of his work, but the memories his friends and family would have had can’t compare. 

RIP Chris. 

New Lyft Commercial

Whether you are on a mission to the moon, or  on a mission from God…..

Ain’t all wrong but I ain’t alright
Don’t see the world in black and white

“Burn One With John Prine”
Kacey Musgraves