A pair of yo-yo’s playing the guitar on the MTV. 


This was created from the Bruce Springsteen video “I’m on Fire”, after the mechanic (also named Bruce) drops the car off in the Hollywood Hills. You can what now looks like a ghostly shadow of him walking off into the night in the lower left. 

At times, I have very detailed dreams that play out like a movie inside my head. Some I am able to recall in great detail, some are pictured above. Last night, I had one of those cinematic versions happening; I woke up near 5am to use the bathroom, and ignored my pen/paper on the night stand to try to get back in to it. Now, I can’t even offer two sentences on the subject. I spent a good portion of the 8am hour trying to brainstorm through possible topics, but nothing made sense.


This “Magnum P.I.” reboot/remake might be a bit hard for me to watch simply because I’ve seen it, and in my mind, I have an idea of what Magnum P.I. looks like.  Jay Hernandez has been very good in some of his roles, but he doesn’t scream Thomas Magnum to me. At 5′9″ he’s not as imposing as Tom Selleck was at 6′4″.  He could play Rick, just fine, but it is going to be hard to buy him as Magnum. I’m not trying to be a dick, but the image above screams “Douche in a Ferrari” more than it screams “Magnum P.I.” to me, but that’s just a still shot. 

If tasked with the objective of finding the new “Magnum”, my first thought is Josh Duhamel from “Las Vegas” fame. He too is 6′4″, and to me could pull it off more.

I might give it a chance. I might not. I haven’t decided yet

I finished the audio book version of “Mafia Prince” by Philip Leonetti, which is a behind the scenes story of “La Cosa Nostra” mafia life in the New Jersey, New York, Atlantic City and Philadelphia areas from the 70′s on.

Bruce Springsteen starts his song “Atlantic City”, with the following line. “Well, they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night, and they blew up his house too.”  Those events and more are discussed in great detail.